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Online philanthropy – some of the basics

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Ted Hart, talking at the Sangonet conference “Fundraising in the Digital World” suggests that before you start trying to raise money, these basics must be in place:

  1. Informative website with good, unique, well written content – All the things that make you unique must be available on your website – not stuck in your office drawer or on your desk drive
  2. Collect email addresses (and mobile numbers – authors note)
  3. Communicate with those who sign up
  4. Offer the option of online giving
  5. Recruit and manage volunteers online
  6. Comply with regulations and laws
  7. Understand privacy and security issues: your privacy policy should include the following:
    a) what information are you collecting on your website?
    b) who has access to that information?
    c) how will that information be used?

    from afrosocialmedia


Tips for starting out on social media

1) Make sure your social media message is consistent with your brand. This requires some seniority and experience of your brand in order to manage social media properly.  Do not outsource it to an intern or junior member of staff.
2) Social media should support your broader aims and campaigns; it is not a stand alone item. Integrate it into your core functions and programme areas.
3) Educate yourself and senior management about the value of social media for feedback, donor relationships, and citizen outreach (despite nonprofits not being big on marketing).