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Building relationships with your fans on facebook

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

After you’ve gotten someone’s attention on social media, you want to build a relationship with them until they become a superfan.
Great infographic from Beth Kanter’s “Networked nonprofits”.


facebook places arrives – check yourself in

Facebook has thrown it’s hat into the ring with location based services and launchedfacebook Facebook Places.

It looks an awful lot like foursquare and gowalla, but of course it’s revolutionized the location based game, because facebook is the most popular social network in the world.

Foursquare has more than a million checkins per day, but facebook has 500 million users – it’s only a matter of time before facebook overtakes foursquare numbers for check-ins.

The usual suspects are racing to see how they will integrate and co-operate with the biggest player in the field, but the bigger implications are yet to be seen.

More on the inevitable facebook safety concerns.

There are some limitations – you must have an iphone, or a smartphone that can browse the web to access the Facebook touch mobile site . And of course It’s only available in the USA for now, although apparently it’s coming to other countries soon. Watch this space.

Why you need to have a mobile strategy

Africa has seen phenomenal growth in mobile browsing in the last year, according to the stats coming out of Opera (mobile web browser). Coming off a low base, Sudan tops the charts with a whopping 4645% growth (page views). Ghana also has an admirable 916% growth (page views). Kenya leads viewer growth – each user browsing an average of 639 pages every month. That’s a lot of viewing!

Facebook and Google are the top ranked sites in the top twelve countries in Africa – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Sudan, Libya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Mozambique and Mauritius.

In the last year the number of unique users of the mobile OS Opera increased by 124%. That means we are seeing phenomenal growth of mobile users browsing the web. That means if you are operating in Africa, you have to have a mobile strategy. Don’t have one yet?  Don’t panic, talk to us…

See more details about the top three:  South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya
Latest about Opera’s research here.

Facebook 500 million users

Apparently facebook now has 500 million users.  The geographical disparity of users makes for interesting reading, especially when looking at who is topping the growth charts in the last few months.  Africa is riding the wave … the top 6 countries in terms of facebook growth in the last 12 weeks are Angola, DRC, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania.

This means that brands targeting Africans need to sit up and take notice of the take up of facebook in African communities – mobile users are more active than desktop users.  See the full figures below.

Facebook growth in last 12 weeks