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That elusive thing called time … and social media

At a recent inhouse workshop, part of the ‘homework’ over a 6 week period was to build a personal blog.  At the end of 6 weeks, very few of the participants had created anything worthwhile.  Admittedly, it was an internal course and it wasn’t a matter of pass or fail. In discussion, it became clear that the problem wasn’t a lack of technical skills, but rather the intangible aspects of learning a new technology i.e. having the TIME to spend learning something new.
The problem was the assignment was not part of their daily work – it was an additional extra. No-one had time for additional extras.
We need tools to help us work faster and better; not something that adds more work. When you’re introducing social media to your strategy, remember that the trick is to make technology work for you – ease your communication, extend your brand, broaden your message, reach more people.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed by more things to do, only take on board social media strategies that work for you.
So before you introduce new tactics or social media to a project, ask yourself: how can this new tool help us to achieve our goals more quickly and easily?
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